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12th July 2016
News From The Town Hall – January 2017
18th January 2017

News From The Town Hall – September

Road Safety

Following a recent serious road traffic accident on the junction of Stone Street and Water Street, the Town Council has arranged for a safety review to be carried out by Carmarthenshire County Council’s Traffic Management Officer. We will be asking them to advise on measures that could be taken to improve road safety at that junction.


The Town Council has written to BT asking for an explanation for the delay in rolling out Superfast Broadband in the town. The current broadband speed is very slow and is having a negative impact on businesses and private users.


A public meeting will be held on Monday 10th October at 7.30pm in the Rhys Prichard Memorial Hall, to discuss the future management and maintenance of the town’s three playgrounds. Carmarthenshire County Council are looking to town and community councils and local voluntary groups, to take over control of playgrounds as part of their asset transfer programme.

The Town Council met recently with officers of the County Council to discuss the proposed transfer. We were told that if the Town Council or community groups did not take up the transfer option by the end of March 2018, then the County would no longer provide the playgrounds and the land would be used for other purposes.

Residents are urged to attend the public meeting to make their views known and to agree a way forward for the future of our playgrounds. It is unthinkable that Llandovery should have no children’s playgrounds and it is vital that we come up with a solution as a community.